The idea of the project comes from the fact that the Farsi language is being converted to Farsi-Tazi (تازی) where Farsi words are being replaced with their Arabic equivalent. We have trouble reading the Farsi blogs and publications with so many Arabic and English words.

Objective: Provide Translation of Persian Literature
The existing Persian poetry books are normally
• Too expensive and wrong (for example the Khayam translations)
• The translation is not accurate and one could not read line by line the Farsi and its translation

So we started this project to translate the original Farsi text to English and publish it cheaply on Amazon.
1. Shahnameh Ferdowsi – 50,000 lines of Farsi translated into 12 books
2. Divan Hafez – 5000 lines of Farsi is translated into 2 books
3. Divan Shams by Rumi – 70,000 lines of Farsi is translated into 9 books

We hope this will enable our young generation of Iranians to understand the invasion of the Tazi words in our language and replace them.

Yahya and Faraz

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